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Auto Dialer Overview

With Sales Sling auto dialing feature, you'll have your next prospect on the line as soon as you hang up with the last, so you can decrease downtime between calls and increase productivity. And you can take customer relationships even further with our included, comprehensive lead management and sales system.

Autodialers VS Predictive dialers

Sales Sling offers you the option of using our autodialer or our predictive dialer to increase productivity. Autodial software allows agents to quickly call contacts one right after the other, launching a new call the second the last call has ended call. Predictive dialers calls multiple numbers at-once, then as soon as a contact picks up, the call is routed back to one of your agents (who are waiting in a queue). Predictive dialing can increase conversions per agent if you have 10 or more agents waiting to receive calls. However, because of the potential to miss a connected call with a predictive dialer (if you have a small team), you may burn through your leads faster than you would like. In these cases, our auto dialer system can be a very efficient tool for smaller call-centers.

How the Auto Dialer Works

Call center success is tied to call volume, so eliminating even a small delay in dialing can double your sales. Auto dialing software works by initiating the dialing of next customer the second you hang up with the last.

Sales Sling Auto Dialer Software

Increase Call Volume Decrease downtime between calls and increase productivity with our automatic dialing software.
Integrated Lead Management System Sales Sling offers an integrated lead management system that can be customized to your sales process.
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The auto dialer is just one time-saving feature that you get when you subscribe toSales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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