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Sales Reporting Overview

Sales Sling reporting allows you to generate reports for the metrics that matter to you. Get up-to-the-minute statics for your sales pipeline.

How Sales Reporting Works

We will work with you to configure metrics, such as milestones and valuation amount, for the various stages of your sales process (pipeline). Then as leads move through each phase of your pipeline, our software will automatically track and tabulate overall metrics and statistics to help you identify areas of success and weakness.

Why you’ll love Sales Reporting

Easy Tracking Sales Sling's sales reporting feature will help you set sales goals and project the total value of your pipeline at any given time. You can also stay on top of bottlenecks forming in your pipeline so you can adjust your work flow as needed
Learn and Grow Our high level overview of your sales pipeline allows you to easily identify bottlenecks forming in your pipeline so you can divert more agents to various tasks or adjust your work flow as needed.
Customizable Sales Sling offers the ability to fully customize the reporting metrics that are important to you. You can generate download and share relevant, accurate, customized reports as you need.
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Sales reporting is just one versative feature included when you subscribe to Sales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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