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Sales Lead Tracking Overview

Track your leads from prospecting to close using Sales Sling's lead tracking system. Our lead tracking system is tailored to fit your sales process and is a great way to help organize and prioritize your leads.

How Sales Lead Tracking Works

The Sales Sling lead tracker is programed to move a prospect through your sales pipeline based on the outcome or disposition selected after an interaction with a prospect. Sales Sling has incorporated a variety of tools, including, followup reminders, email templating, and reports to ensure each lead is properly attended to throughout your sales process. As leads flow through your sales pipeline, Sales Sling will automatically track the time a lead has spent in each stage and calculate the total valuation of leads is in your pipeline at each stage. These automated tracking tools make sales forecasting easier and more accurate.

Why you’ll love Lead Tracking

Customized to Your Sales Process With Sales Sling your lead pipeline is fully customizable, so you can configure the metrics and valuation projections that will be applied to a lead in each stage of your sales process .
Lead Nurturing Knowing what step of your sales process a lead is in allows you to direct more focused marketing to them. Moving your lead closer to closing a deal.
Prioritization Our pipeline reporting tools help you focus your sales team's efforts on sale ready leads.
Optimize Your Sales Cycle Get deeper insights into your sales process with regular and consistent metric tracking from our manager dashboards.
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Lead tracking is just one vital tool included when you subscribe to Sales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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