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Email Marketing Overview

Sales Sling makes it easy to manage the many modes of communication you have with your customers including email. Most sales take at least 5 points of contact to close, so just by integrating Sales Sling's marketing emails into your sales process, you've brought your team one step closer to a sale.

How Our Email System Works

Sales Sling will help you to connect your email domain with our software so you can create custom email addresses. From there you can create templates that dynamically fill-in your contact's data so you can fire off a quick correspondence with the click of a button. Or you just compose and send an adhoc email from our taskbar and you'll be alerted anytime you get a new email response. Additionally Sales Sling can integrate with the email drip system of your choice.

Why you'll love email marketing

Focused Follow-up - With email templates, you can send focused and personalized marketing materials to your prospective clients from various parts of the system.
Email Tracking - Timing is everything in sales. The Sales Sling comprehensive email system comes with the ability to track when your email was sent and when it was opened taking the guess work out of when to make that next follow-up call.
Email Drip Integration - Sales Sling allows you the freedom to integrate the email drip system of your choice so you can automatically stay on the minds of your prospective clients.
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Email marketing is just one powerful feature included when you subscribe to Sales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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