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Build connections with your remote clients and workforce through Sales Sling's virtual boardroom. Decrease delays and close deals faster using call conferencing to bring key decision makers and partners to the table.

How Call Conferencing Works

Connect with as many as 250 people at once with this robust conferencing system. Every call is recorded and stored directly on our lead management system, giving your sales team the opportunity to review details of a call or prep for an on-site visit. The Sales Sling virtual boardroom helps you manage your remote workforce by allowing you to remotely monitor sales calls with the added ability to provide real-time feedback directly to your agent with call whispering or break in to a call to save a deal with call barging. Call conferencing is much more than a party line, it helps you stay connected.

Why you’ll love call conferencing

Call Recording and Storing - Easily review the details of a deal or prep for an on-site visit by replaying the conference call. Each recording is automatically stored in the cloud and is retrievable through customizable reports, contact records and agents call history within the lead management system.
Remote Workforce Management - Manage and coach your remote workforce like never before with call conferencing you get the ability to silently monitor calls, whisper to agents or barge into a call.
Mute Control - As your conferencing groups grow larger, the ability to mute and unmute is essential in making sure that everyone can be heard.
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Call Conferencing is just one robust feature included when you subscribe to Sales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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