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Sales Pipeline Overview

Formalize your sales process by using the Sales Sling customizable sales pipeline. Because our pipeline works hand in hand with our customer relationship management and call center software, it allows you to personalize and tailor the entire Sales Sling System to suit your specific needs. Sales Sling's pipeline will give your sales flow the structure and automation needed to make your team more efficient and effective.

How the Sales Pipeline Works

The Sales Sling sales pipeline presents a visual and interactive representation of your formal sales process. Prospects will enter your sales pipeline based on the call dispositions selected by your agents. If a prospect looks like they are likely to close a deal with you, they will enter the sales pipeline and prompt the appropriate team or agent to follow up with your potential client accordingly. From then on, each interaction with the lead will end with a disposition that will trigger the lead to move further down the pipeline, stay where they are, or be removed.

Why you’ll love the Sales Pipeline

Maximize Your Agents' Time Eliminate the need for sales reps to spend time on administrative tasks by using sales lead templates and the disposition tools which automate scheduling, reporting and correspondence tasks.
Zoom Out Our customizable reports give you a high-level overview of how your leads move through your sales pipeline so you can identify areas of your pipeline where deals get stuck.
Zoom In Use valuation assignments and datatables to identify individual leads that need more or less attention.
Prioritization Sort through your leads by their position in your sales process. Who is ready to buy? Who needs follow-up? Which deal will create the most revenue?
Automated Sales Forecasting Make the heavy work of sales forecasting easy by automating the process. Our lead valuation feature allows you to get up-to-the minute forecasting as often as you like.
Comprehensive Client Records We ensure your team looks professional and cohesive by maintaining one cloud-based client record with complete call and email history as well as agent notes and custom field data.
Structure the Unpredictability of Sales By creating a solid sales process and using a pipeline, an unpredictable sales environment can start producing reliable results.
Email Marketing Quickly follow-up with every lead with templated email messages.
Pipeline Dashboard We include pertinent statistics, like projected valuation, on our pipeline dashboard so your team will know what's at stake for every lead.
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The Sales Pipeline is just one powerful feature you'll get when you subscribe to Sales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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