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Cloud Dialer Overview

Get your call center up and running today with Sales Sling's cloud dialer. Our cloud eliminates the need for specialized hardware or software installation. To start you only need a computer, a headset, and internet. Continue to manage costs by adding and removing licenses as needed in a matter of seconds. With Sales Sling all in one service, you will also gain access to a robust CRM and lead management system that is fully customizable to your sales process.

How Our Cloud Dialer Works

Sales Sling's onboarding team works with you to create a website that is specific to your company. To access the cloud dialer your team simply needs to log onto your customized web address and start dialing. The cloud dialer is so intuitive and easy to use, new agents can be up and dialing within 15 minutes.

Why you’ll love Our Cloud Dialer

Save Money With minimal start up costs and the ability to scale your service up and down as your needs change, Sales Sling's cloud dialer makes it easy for you to be in control of your costs.
Flexibility in Location A cloud based system ensures all of your information is stored securely in one location that can be accessed from multiple locales. So whether you are looking to engage a remote workforce or open several smaller locations this option offers you that flexibility.
Scalable The cloud makes it easy for you to scale up or down your workforce as your demand changes from month to month. You only pay for what you need.
Local Presence Dialing The smart dialing system will assign a local number to your agents based on the area code and address of your contacts. Studies have shown this can increase your pickup rate up to 40%.
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Our Cloud Dialer is just one of the lucrative features you can leverage when you subscribe to Sales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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Built-in Web Phone

Unify Your Dialer and CRM
Agents can access scripts, files
and other Contact Data as They Dial

Make 5x More Calls

Connect Fast
Predictive Calling
Auto-Dial or Preview Dial

Monitor Employees

With the Click of a Button
Monitor, Whisper to agents
or Barge in to
Live Conversations

Call Recordings

Every Call is Recorded
and Stored in the Cloud
so You Can Easily Review
or Download Conversations