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Preview Dialing Overview

Personalize each interaction with your clients with preview dialing. Preview dialing allows you to review the client record prior to initiating contact. With Sales Slings customer and lead management system, that would give you access to previous call recordings, a list of all calls, a list of what the outcomes of those calls were, when they were made, who made them, along with any detailed notes that were taken at the time of the call. All the information you need to make sure your clients know they are important to you.

How Preview Dialing Works

Our preview dialer works by bringing up the client record for you to review prior to initiating the call. The Sales Sling preview dialer is cloud based and does not require any software installation or specialized equipment. The preview dialer comes with complete access to Sales Sling's customer and lead management systems which can be customized to mirror your sales process, but if you already have a CRM that you love Sales Sling can integrate with over 1,000 other applications through Zapier.

Why you’ll love Preview Dialing

PersonalizationStudies have shown that consumers are 56% more likely to purchase from a business if they feel they have a personalized experience.
Scalable As your needs change each month, this system can scale up or down with those needs with a few clicks.
Local Presence Your agents will be assigned a local number based on the numbers they are dialing, increasing answer rates by as much as 40%.
Auto-Dialing Don't waste any time manually dialing each number, simply upload your contact list and let Sales Sling do the rest.
On-Screen Client Details Have a detailed record of what you know about your leads at your fingertips so you can make your pitch relevant to your lead. Track how many times you have tried to contact the lead, when your last attempt of contact was, where their business is located.
Real-Time Call Metrics Let us help you set and track your daily goals with real-time tracking for call volume, conversion rate, and talk time.
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Preview Dialing is just one of the powerful features included when you subscribe toSales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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