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Call Recording

Sales Sling allows you to leverage recrodings with ease by storing every call you make in the cloud. With Sales Sling's call recording feature, everything is on the record. Call recordings are a powerful tool for compliance, audits, training, and customer research.

How Call Recording Works

Every call that is made is automatically recorded and stored on the contact record within the Sales Sling Lead Management System. Calls are also searchable through our reporting and agent call history features, so you have the ability to easily find, download or flag a call and share it with the agent or other team members for coaching or review.

Why you’ll love Call Recording

Increase Cohesiveness - Eliminate the need for the customer to restate their wants every time they speak to someone new. Every call made using Sales Sling is catalogued on the client record and can be easily reviewed as they move through your sales process giving each subsequent sales team member access to previous conversations.
Audit with ease - Call recordings can be searched, accessed and shared in a variety of ways -- through customizable reports, contact records and agents call history. Each recording is easily downloadable to fulfill compliance obligations.
Automatic - There is nothing to think about. Every single call you make using Sales Sling is recorded. There are no extra steps or button pushes to ensure that everything you team says is on the record.
Tag and Flag - Use call recordings to help coach and motivate your workforce. With the Sales Sling's call recording feature, it is easy to attach agent feedback to any recording and deliver it to the agent involved or send it to other managers for review.
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Call recording is just one versatile tool that you get when you subscribe to Sales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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