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Click to Dial Overview

Seconds spent manually dialing phone numbers can quickly add up to minutes and hours of wasted time on wrong numbers. By switching from manual dialing to Sales Sling's dialing system, you can reduce downtime by up to 100%. This robust auto-dialing system will not only make your team more productive but it can eliminate time costing human dialing error.

How Click to Dial Works

Once uploaded into the call center system, your call list will appear within the CRM dashboard. Before each call, your agent will see a dashboard with all the notes, e-mail history and call history for each contact. Thus your agent will have all the information they need to make a personal connection with each prospect. When they are ready, they simply click the number and they are on the phone.

Why you’ll love Click to Dial

Eliminate Human Error By automating the dialing process your agents will never dial a wrong number.
Personalize Each Connection With Sales Sling's click to dial feature, agents can review contact data before they call so they can make a personal connection with each contact.
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Click to dial is just one of the relationship-building features you get when you subscribe to Sales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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