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Email Template Overview

Study after study has shown that a mere 2% of sales are made on first contact with a prospect. So it is crucial to integrate follow up into your sales process. With only an average of 25% of sales reps willing to take the time to make second contact with a prospect, it is vital to have a tool like email templating that makes this tedious task easy, fast and personal. Sales Sling's email template feature is easy to use and can ensure that your team is not only consistently following up with prospects but that every correspondence meets your companies standards.

How Feature Works

The Sales Sling email template feature allows you to pre-write generic emails and then automatically personalizes each email by inserting unique contact data. Email templating is perfect for sending product or campaign specific marketing material to nurture leads after initial contact. With 80% sales requiring at least 5 or more points of contact prior to close, emailed marketing templates can be beneficial. Make sure your follow-up is easy and meaningful with Sales Sling's email template feature.

Why you’ll love Email Templates

Saves Time Many of us find drafting followup emails a time consuming and tedious task. With Sales Sling's email templates, once the words have been crafted your sales team can simply add a touch of personalization and hit send.
Encourages Follow-up and Lead Nurturing When routine tasks like follow up and lead nurturing are made easy your compliance rates will increase. Though it is well documented that most sales take multiple followups, only 25% of sales people actually make a second contact. Don't let your team be part of this statistic and make it easy with Sales Sling's email templates.
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Email templates are just one of the many time-saving feature that you get when you subscribe toSales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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