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Workforce Management Toolbox Overview

Sales Sling's robust cloud based call center software makes workforce management intuitive and easy for both your in-house and remote agents.

How Our Workforce Management Toolbox Works

Sales Sling has built in tools to help managers ensure the quality of each interaction, increase production, and manage costs.

Workforce Management Toolbox

Remote Workforce Capable Our cloud based software allows you to listen in on calls, and view statistics for all of your agents on one dashboard -- no matter if they are in the same office as you or using our system 1000 miles away.
Automated Tracking For every agent you can see a record of when their first call was made, when their last call was made, total talk time, last campaign dialed, and current call. Or generate a custom report to show any agent's call activity during a given time period.
Real-time Metric Tracking Make short-term and long-term goal setting more relevant to each agents everyday work. Watch as your agents start to repond to being able to see how many calls they dial each day, what their total talk time is.
Leaderboard Integration Competition is a useful tool when trying to increase productivity. You can create leaderboards for talk time, number of calls dialed, and conversion rates between agents or shifts.
Call Whispering Coach your agents in real-time by whispering in their headset without the client hearing. This feature is cloud based and can be incorporated into how you train, coach and manage your remote workforce ensuring that every interaction is up to quality standards.
Call Barging This gives you a safety net as a manager to come in and take over a call if needed. -- no matter where you or your agent are.
Call Disposition Tracking This feature is both a time saver and a deal saver. There is no need to get your agents off the phone to send emails on call outcome or on follow-up needs, they can simply select the appropriate disposition option to record the outcome of each call. You can design custom dispositions to set callback reminders, report on the outcome of a call and move a client into the appropriate workflow bucket for you pipeline based on the outcome of a call.
Call Recording Every call is recorded so you can review any call with your agents and encourage or discourage behaviors.
Cloud Based Having a cloud based call center allows you to manage your cost. It requires no upfront costs. Only pay for the licenses that you need each month. It gives you the freedom to mange and have both an in-house and remote workforce.
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Workforce Management is just one comprehensive feature that you get when you subscribe to Sales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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