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Sales Sling's Phone Sales Solution Overview

Are you looking to improve your phone sales success? Sales Sling offers a variety of features perfect for any size operation. Our phone sales dialing options include automated, on-screen, predictive and power dialers and they all come with a lead management system that can be customized to mirror your sales process.

How Sales Sling's Phone Sales Solution Works

Choose the dialer best suits you. Then Sales Sling's on-boarding team will create a web address that is specific to your business and work with you to customize a lead management system that facilitates your sales flow. Then your agents canlog into your customized call center software from anywhere. Because this system is cloud-based, you can easily increase or decrease the number of licenses you need each month as your needs change.

Why you’ll love Sales Sling's Phone Sales Solution

Cloud-Based You can access Sales Sling from any computer in the world. Our web-based software does not require any installation or specialized equipment. All you need to get started is a computer, headset, and internet access.
Scalable Our system can scale up or down as your needs change and we'll only charge your for the minutes and licences you use.
Shared Calendar Any agent can access and view up-to-the-minute appointment information through our easy to use calendar interface.
Real-Time Call Metrics Set and track your daily goals with real-time reporting for call volume, conversion rate, and talk time.
Automated Dialing Dialing by hand is a waste of time, so Sales Sling does the dialing for you. Simply upload your contact list and we either fully automate the dialing process -- if you're using our Predictive Dialer, or you can single-click dial with our auto-dial and preview-dial options.
Client Details Personalize your pitch by having a detailed record of all contact details displayed as you dial -- including call and email history, agents' notes aboute the contact and where their business is located.
Sales Pipeline We'll help you keep track of every deal you sell with our user-friendly sales pipeline.
Intuitive and Easy to Use Sales Sling is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for call center employees, so minimal training is required for new agents.
One Click E-mailing Send templated or customized emails while you're on the phone. With just the push of a button you can fire off a qucik follow up email or appointment reminder to your customer right from the dialing interface.
Follow-up Reminder With disposition tracking, follow-up reminders become an automated part of your sales process.
Outcome Tracking The outcome of every call is easily documented with customizable disposition buttons on our dialer. When a call is complete agents just need to select the disposition that best corresponds to the outcome of the call and the contact will then move into the appropriate bucket of your sales pipeline and all reporting data will be updated accordingly.
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Sales Sling offers many powerful phone sales advantages. Contact us today to get started with a free trial of Sales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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Built-in Web Phone

Unify Your Dialer and CRM
Agents can access scripts, files
and other Contact Data as They Dial

Make 5x More Calls

Connect Fast
Predictive Calling
Auto-Dial or Preview Dial

Monitor Employees

With the Click of a Button
Monitor, Whisper to agents
or Barge in to
Live Conversations

Call Recordings

Every Call is Recorded
and Stored in the Cloud
so You Can Easily Review
or Download Conversations