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Call Back Reminders Overview

Never let another sale slip through your fingers, by forgetting to call a potential lead back. With Sales Sling's call back reminders, you can set reminders that will alert you who and when you need to call a contact. With the automation built into Sales Sling's cloud based call center, you'll never drop the ball on getting back to your clients.

How Call Back Reminders Work

We have incorporated the process of scheduling callback reminders right into our industry leading disposition system, so when an agent calls and the party they wish to speak to is not in, they can simply chooses a 'call back' disposition. Once the disposition is selected an automated reminder will be scheduled to pop an alert on the agent's screen that includes all of the contact's info as well as any notes they wrote to themselves about the call. Thus with a few simple clicks your agents can ensure they never let a contact fall by the wayside.

Why you’ll love Call Back Reminders

Automated Follow-up When you speak to dozens of contacts every day it can be easy to forget to call back a contact that was not available when you first reached out. Our system automates the call reminder process to ensures that your team is staying in front of potential clients.
Smart Dispositions By tracking outcomes for each call, the process of setting up follow-up calls is builtin to the agents call process. There are no extra steps for the agent to complete, they simply disposition their call as a 'call back' and move on to the next call.
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Call back reminder automation is just one automated feature included when you subscribe to the Sales Sling Cloud Based Auto Dialer & Lead Management Software.

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